Dr. Lani Chin
Dr. Lani Chin
Phone: 310-344-5550

Individual Therapy

In individual therapy, I see my role as a guide and facilitator to help you discover the resources within to become an active agent of your own healing and growth. You'll develop new awareness about the patterns in your life that no longer serve you and new skills to transform those patterns.

For example:

  • Do you feel an inner sadness or even emptiness and don't understand what it is about?
  • Are you having a difficult time making your own decisions?
  • Do you feel socially awkward or unsure of yourself?
  • Are you stuck in your comfort zone and unable to challenge yourself?
  • Do you feel tight or constricted?
  • Are you unhappy with your body or your body image?
  • Are you having a difficult time saying good bye after a loss?
  • Do you keep things more on the surface and superficial with your friends and relationships?
  • Do you hold onto old hurts and resentments and don't know how to let go?
  • Are you extra critical of yourself when you are not perfect and become mean or unsympathetic to yourself?
  • Do you struggle with substances?
  • Are you feeling overwhelmed or frustrated by a chaotic and unmanageable life?
  • Do you feel inhibited, overly polite, shy, or reserved?
  • Have people told you that you need therapy?
  • Would you like to reconnect with yourself?

I can help you.

I will listen closely and respond to you because I value what you have to say. You may find you are welcoming of my interest, anxious about it, guilty to receive it, unwilling to share those caring attitudes in kind, sometimes suspicious of it, or even angry about it. Sometimes, of course, you may just be grateful or glad to have an understanding ear. We will talk about your feelings towards others, and yourself, talk about what in life thwarts your goals, whether they are creative, personal, professional or otherwise. We will talk about how people make you feel or not feel, whatever is on your mind. I will help you to look more deeply and closely at these experiences to learn more about why you are thwarted and less than pleased. I will use my feelings to sense whether you are "out of touch" or "in touch" when you are with me. When you are out of touch we will try to get to what you are afraid of feeling and ultimately this will lead to the work we will do on the things you would like to work on.